Wildlife population halved in 40 years

And there’s no stopping humans, baby.


Who’s responsible?

The ANC’s Mathole Motshekga said, in parliament, that Jacob Zuma is not responsible for Nkandla. The good news is that South Africans now know who is indeed responsible.



This Homer Simpson parody was pulled on the grounds that there is “no evidence” to suggest that the president will benefit from a one-trillion-rand nuclear deal that is engulfed in secrecy and urgency.

UPDATE: Madam & Eve‘s comment is very similar to mine.


Zuma and Putin

Jacob negotiates a nuclear power deal with Vladimir.


Ducking the issues

The United Nations are good at talking and very little else. It’s what lame ducks do best.


Heritage braai

The ANC’s chairman, Baleka Mbete, who is also the Speaker Of Parliament, has a braai with the EFF. Sort of.



Nigeria’s TB Joshua will be visiting South Africa soon.

Braveheart Scotland

What Scotland wants

Scotland votes on whether or not it wants independence from the United Kingdom.

tb joshua nigeria

TB Joshua

These Nigerian scammers are all the same, making money from duping gullible people.

Comedy Club, with Jacob Zuma

Thanks to ZANEWS for this fantastic promo video for my new book, Comedy Club,

Obama Bush Iraq

Barack taking the baton from George

George Bush is a proud president, watching Barack Obama leading the United States back into Iraq.

Jerm Zuma Nkandla garden

The Garden Of Nkandla

Jacob Zuma’s garden at Nkandla, in which money grows on trees, cost more than R16-million, according to reports.


Apple innovation

Just a bit of iFun for the Sunday Times.

jerm judge masipa twitter oscar


Thank goodness for all the experts on social media, with their pitchforks and exclamation marks.

Reeva Oscar

September 11

It was a tragedy which mustn’t be forgotten during the Oscar verdict today.

Jerm Comedy Club book

Comedy Club is here

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my second book, Comedy Club, which will be in bookstores around the country, from October.

Penguin Books launched my first book, Jerm Warfare, a year ago. But now it’s time to retreat from the war, and to be entertained by some standup comedy from our comedians politicians.

Comedy Club is a more focused selection of cartoons, covering a variety of current affairs from the last year. The book’s cover design is gorgeous, and includes blurbs from some of South Africa’s funniest comedians (who are not politicians).

If you’re in Cape Town, then the launch will be at The Book Lounge on the 9th of October, 17h30 for 18h00. Nik Rabinowitz will be the special guest, meaning that you probably won’t get a seat if you arrive late.

Thank you for the support.

UPDATE:  For the book launch, please RSVP.

ANOTHER UPDATE: ZANEWS made a great promo video.


Scraping the bottom

How low can the ANC go? Have they reached the bottom?

Jerm Obama Mugabe

Mugabe instils fear

I also have the same fear as Barack Obama.