Zuma spy tapes supreme court

Zuma spy tape

The Supreme Court pressed the play button by ruling that Jacob Zuma must release the pause button on the infamous ‘spy tapes’.

Thuli Madonsela, Gwede Mantashe, Jacob Zuma

Doing what she’s supposed to be doing

Gwede Mantashe isn’t happy about Thuli Madonsela painting the correct picture.

Jerm recession South Afirca

Just missed the recession

With the economy growing at 0.6% in the second quarter, that was a very close call.

Zuma, Malema, pay back the money

Pay back the money

Who will be first to pay back the money?

UPDATE: Zapiro and I drew almost identical cartoons.

Moody's, Standard & Poor's

Moody’s downgrades the big banks

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s did not agree with Moody’s downgrade.

Generations cast fired


He makes a good point.

Moody's credit ratings South Africa

Moody’s cut credit ratings

Moody’s lowered ratings on Capitec, following the African Bank collapse. Shortly thereafter, Moody’s lowered ratings on South Africa’s big banks.

It all basically means that things aren’t going to get financially easier for most of us.

Nkandla architect

Nkandla architect

Look at him, working away, trying to design a safe haven.

ISIS, ebola

Virus is spreading

And it doesn’t seem like it can be cured too easily.


African Bank

African Bank(rupt) are having a bad day at the office.



Do you want a job in the public sector? Great!

Pallo Jordan qualifications

Doctor Pallo Jordan

He has a point. The doctor has a point.

Robin Williams died, genie, Aladdin

Robin Williams

Robin Williams was one of the greatest comedians ever.

Oscar trial verdict September 11

September 11

This cartoon didn’t run (on eNCA.com) today because, as I discovered an hour after I submitted it, a nearly identical version had been done, over the weekend, by my buddy Brandan. Bastard.

As he said to me in an email last night,

I’m surprised so few of us picked up on this obvious idea. It was begging for it!

This kind of thing happens quite often.

Gaza ceasefire Israel Hamas


Excellent question, little girl. If only you knew.


National identity

Thank you, SABC.


Breaking up

Confidence in South Africa, where business is concerned, is the lowest it’s been in 15 years.

Jerm Putin Russia imports

Dirty Putin

The Russian government, unhappy with Western pressure around Ukraine, punches back with a bizarre anti-Western food import ban.