The Grinch who stole…

The Grinch didn’t just steal Christmas, but everything else too.


Power failure

South Africa is experiencing this right now.


Being hijacked

The government says that it wants taxpayers to stop finding ways to avoid paying tax.


The president responds

Jacob Zuma is very concerned about the peasants.


Marcel Golding’s suspension

Is South Africa’s media losing its freedom, thanks to political influence?


Oscar goes to jail

I drew this cartoon during September, but my editor(s) chose not to publish it, saying that it was unlikely Oscar Pistorius would go to jail.

On 21 October 2014, Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to five years in jail.


Because I am a freelancer, I submit work to various publications and other corporates, some more frequently than others. One, to which I have been regularly contributing since late 2013, is

The show has been good, but it must go on. Brilliant veteran cartoonist ‘Chip’ (who was recently sacked from Independent’s Cape Argus) has taken up my reins.

Less than two years ago, no mainstream online political cartoon positions existed. I am proud to have worked with both EWN and in creating a completely new and sustainable platform for South African cartoonists, particularly in a dwindling newspaper landscape.

While I take a few days off to freshen up, do buy my second book. I’ll appreciate it.


Post Office strike

It probably is indeed lost on them.


World Food Day

The West decides to change her exploitative lifestyle.


The 5 stages

At which stage are you? My guess is that most people are at the fifth stage.



As per our president’s own words.


The victim

For Oscar so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten time to charity, so that he might not perish in jail. Amen.


Mango power

Mango says that things are looking up for it, despite the airline industry looking down. Do you believe Mango?


A visa denial with which we agree

Just something fun (and a bit dark) to end the week.


Shrien Dewani

Journalists focus on what matters, in the Shrien Dewani murder trial.


The snake is eating itself

The ANC, in Gauteng, has done a full circle, saying that etolls should be scrapped. Ouroboros indeed.



From the Tech Department, here is something for the (Apple and Android) fanboys.


David and Goliath

Mark Shuttleworth takes down the South African Reserve Bank after warning them.