FNB Twitter

FNB and Twitter

A corporate should be cautious about its social interaction, as FNB learned earlier this week on Twitter.


These are our choices

So, it has come to this.


Easter president

Easter president

But you can’t enjoy the rewards, because the president is enjoying them.


Joburg wifi

My wifi prediction.

Timelapse video of me drawing

Yesterday I filmed myself drawing today’s eNCA cartoon. There is stuff left out, but the video should give you a good enough overview.

SABC censor DA election ad

The DA’s election ad

Congratulations, SABC.

For those interested, I made a timelapse video of me drawing this cartoon.


Spoiling your ballot

Politicians spoil your ballot anyway.


Tweedledee and Tweedledom

It’s as if they were meant for each other.


Eskom’s CEO

Eskom’s CEO isn’t the brightest of sparks.

Blade white people lies

White people’s lies

Blade Nzimande is a smart man.

Gerrie Nel grills Zuma

Gerrie Nel in court

I couldn’t resist.

Oscar crocodile tears

Oscar cries

Look how genuine that tear is.

Nigeria largest economy

Nigeria versus South Africa

South Africa will realise. Eventually.

Adcock Ingram CEO resigns

Adcock Ingram CEO resigns

From the business section of today’s Sunday Times, my cartoon revolves around a story that no one really cares about.

In a nutshell, Bidvest (Brian Joffe) won a long shareholder battle against Adcock Ingram (Jonathan Louw). As a result, Adcock’s CEO (Jonathan Louw) resigned.

Adcock Ingram makes drugs like Panado.

SANRAL in debt

SANRAL recovering money

That should do it.

Quick election guide

Your quick election guide

Print it and put it up in the office.

Or above the toilet.

Zuma did not ask

I did not ask

If he won’t pay, then why should we?

Zuma, Nkandla, sheep

April Fools

The president  herds his sheep.