DSTV is to die for

DSTV is a satellite TV service to which subscribers pay their entire monthly salary to watch Die Hard With A Vengeance three times a day, and repeats of a drunk British chef making papadums on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

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Liberal conservatism

I am a racist right-wing bigoted misogynistic homophobic Islamophobe.

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Fake Twitter

After some years I decided to leave Twitter. It wasn’t adding value to my life anymore.

As it turns out, Twitter isn’t adding value to investors’ lives either.

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State of the migration

Jacob Zuma will present this year’s State Of The Nation Address, this evening. But, if like many other South Africans, you’ve already seen it, then there’s no need to watch it again.

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Violent censorship

Every label imaginable has been slapped onto me, from ‘racist’ to sexist’ to ‘Islamophobe’ to a vast array of boring adjectives, all of which come with zero supporting evidence. (Not that evidence matters, since narratives matter more.)

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