I’ve been drawing cartoons professionally for 11 years. I’ve drawn somewhere between 5000 and 7000 published cartoons, a large chunk of which has been political.

Every label imaginable has been slapped onto me, from ‘racist’ to sexist’ to ‘Islamophobe’ to a vast array of boring adjectives, all of which come with zero supporting evidence. (Not that evidence matters, since narratives matter more.) One or two of South Africa’s biggest newspapers refuse to publish anything containing my signature, despite their editors knowing nothing about me and having never spoken to me. That I am able to yield such emotive responses from people who have never met me, is pretty amazing.

All because of a drawing on a piece of paper.

Or, perhaps, a one-liner on Facebook. Speaking of which, Facebook suspended my account for thirty days (ten days ago) after I shared a news story from EWN in which the Cape Party threatened to sue an artist whose (uninspiring) “fuck white people” gallery exhibition created an expected stir. I captioned the shared post with

The Cape Party doesn’t understand freedom of expression”.

Facebook then banned me on the grounds of “inciting violence”.

In other words, Facebook censored my defence of free speech.

We are living in a strange time. People have become more hysterical and irrational than I can remember. They will believe anything.


I hope you have a great day and don’t incite too much violence.