I am a racist right-wing bigoted misogynistic homophobic Islamophobe.

That’s according to numerous self-proclaimed leftists who dislike facts. (The term ‘liberal’ is often used interchangeably with ‘leftist’.) I don’t like to pigeonhole myself, so I prefer using evidence to inform my worldview. Defending such a position, however, compels others (most often on the left) to accuse me of being a ‘right-winger’ or a ‘conservative’ or whatever, which I’m beginning to accept as a compliment.

The current social climate has become hostile towards facts.

Even most local cartoonists (who are self-proclaimed leftists) push narratives before facts. I understand why, though. Populism keeps them employed.

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report, one of the most successful talk shows on YouTube, explained why he no longer considers himself a leftist (or ‘progressive’).

The irony is that, when discussing the issues, I am usually more liberal than most liberals. In fact, liberals are some of the most conservative people I’ve met.

A quick acid test, as a sample of what I support:

  • legalisation of rhino horn trade;
  • drug legalisation (all drugs);
  • legalisation of prostitution;
  • loosening the borders;
  • decentralised energy, education, and telecommunication;
  • freedom of expression;
  • religious freedom;
  • mother’s choice to abort (with exceptions);
  • the right to marry anyone and to have any number of marital partners;
  • keeping our troops within our borders;
  • decriminalisation of digital piracy (such as downloading movies or music for personal use).

Those are just a few talking points. I have my reasons and can justify each position with relevant data.

Which, I’m guessing, makes me a racist right-wing bigoted misogynistic homophobic Islamophobe.