DSTV is a satellite TV service to which subscribers pay their entire monthly salary to watch Die Hard With A Vengeance three times a day, and repeats of a drunk British chef making papadums on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, online shopping is booming in South Africa. Sales are expected to hit around R20-billion more than last year.

And that’s just from my girlfriend.

On a serious note, farm murders are in the news again. But they’re being reported as random violence, which seems a bit misleading to me. Two weeks ago, a girl’s parents and grandparents were brutally murdered on a farm in Mpumalanga. The two guys stole a laptop. A granny on a farm in the Free State was burnt alive during January. Her house and bakkie were set alight too. Some jewelry and clothes were stolen.

It is true that crime doesn’t discriminate. But there are exceptions to the rule. Some black people are certainly victims of hate crime, and some white people are certainly victims of hate crime. Tying up and pouring petrol over an old woman is, in my view, unadulterated hatred. And it’s a pity that the mainstream media brushes this aside with the usual “motive unknown” echo chamber when any reasonable person can clearly see the difference between grabbing a laptop and setting someone alight.