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South African tolerance

Twenty years into democratic freedom, here is where South Africa is.

FNB Joburg Art Fair

Art ‘n Censorship

A painting by Ayanda Mabulu, the politically outspoken painter from Cape Town, was taken down from the FNB Joburg Art Fair. Apparently “it will offend sponsors and important people”. Like Ayanda’s previous work, this one mocks Jacob Zuma.

However, after  media attention and protests from artists, the organisers put the painting back up. But only after it was sold.

Hyena on the loose

Three little pigs…

There was a hyena running around Joburg , but I would argue that it has been on the loose, across South Africa, for many years.


Happy Helitage Day!

Despite the cartoon being deliberately multilayered (and co-written by City Press cartoonist Curtis), my editor felt that it is too offensive and, as such, chose not to run it.

World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day

Kids, in a museum, learn about an extinct animal called a ‘rhino’.

Crime stats, police minister, rape

Things that upset the police minister

The police minister, Nathi Mthethwa, is equally outraged by things like bruised apples, running out of Corn Flakes, and thousands of women being raped.

Gupta, ANN7, minions

Grupta is despicable

The Department Of Home Affairs is investigating visa irregularities at  ANN7.  Basically,  minions Indians (from India) have been working at the station after telling the South African government that they are/were here on “holiday”.

Zuma doesn't sign the Secrecy Bill

A question about the Secrecy Bill

The president gives three reasons why he sent the Secrecy Bill back to parliament.

DA makes fake ANC posters

DA makes fake ANC posters

The DA apologised for distributing fake ANC posters in the North West.

Zuma lectures journalism students

The president lectures future journalists

Jacob Zuma addresses journalism students at Tshwane University of Technology.

EFF is official

EFF is official

Julius Malema’s party has officially been registered, and the road ahead is as clear as day.

South Africa's economy

South Africa’s economic competitiveness…

The latest World Economic Forum’s figures show that South Africa’s economic competitiveness is dwindling. One wonders why…

Assad crosses Obama's line

Obama versus Assad

Obama believes that Assad has crossed the “red line”. Which “red line”? Well, the one painted by Uncle Sam, obviously.

Presidency, Maharaj, Madiba discharged, media

Mac enjoys some pie

The foreign media breaks the news that Madiba has been discharged from hospital. The presidency quickly denies it.

And then breaks the news that Madiba has been discharged from hospital.

Zuma twerks like Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has a new fan

Jacob Zuma puts on a show – and has been putting on a show – that is something to behold.

Uncle Sam concerned about Syria

Uncle Sam is worried about Syria

A morally superior Uncle Sam is concerned about Syria and wants to bomb the crap out of it. (Which is fitting, since Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner.)

Gupta's new channel, ANN7, launches

ANN7 launches

The Guptas‘ new top drawer 24-hour news channel launches on DSTV.

Egypt going backwards

Going backwards

The sands of Egyptian time are running, it seems, in the wrong direction.