Eskom’s CEO

Eskom’s CEO isn’t the brightest of sparks.

Adcock Ingram CEO resigns

Adcock Ingram CEO resigns

From the business section of today’s Sunday Times, my cartoon revolves around a story that no one really cares about.

In a nutshell, Bidvest (Brian Joffe) won a long shareholder battle against Adcock Ingram (Jonathan Louw). As a result, Adcock’s CEO (Jonathan Louw) resigned.

Adcock Ingram makes drugs like Panado.

Gill Marcus interest rate

Gill Marcus is in a situation

Because it’s the truth.

Eskom business model

Buying electricity

Eskom’s business model is top notch.

Interest rates, inflation, Reserve Bank

Interest rate, inflation, and the status quo

In today’s Sunday Times business section, Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcus maintains the status quo.

Cowboys don't cry

Cowboys don’t cry

I was told this when I was a kid. Except that I wasn’t a cowboy.

Mountains, Google

Climbing mountains

In hindsight, this cartoon is a lot deeper than I expected. LOL.

Caveman and the wheel

Cavemen and breakthroughs

This cartoon is based on a true story.

Kind of.

Eskimo movember


Let’s start off the week with some Sunday Times silliness.

Rodney can't hide

Rodney can run…

In a situation like this, one feels for Rodney. Being tall is sometimes a curse. Rodney would know.

Great first wife

First wife

A summary of all things romantic in the modern world.

A zebra who isn't racist

A zebra who isn’t racist

True story.

I saw it at a zoo.

iPhone sync or swim

Sync of swim

This cartoon is not based on real life events. Do not be fooled.

Marriage contract

Marriage contract

I hope that my wife doesn’t see this cartoon.

Yes, but is it art?

Yes, but is it art?

The greatest philosophical question of them all.

Life policies


This cartoon is based on true life events.

Going on a diet

Going on a diet

It is really just a fact of life, isn’t it?

Crime and Generations

Crime and Generations

This is a real quote. While I was driving home our maid a few weeks ago, she actually said this to me.