A relay race

The moment AMCU ends its strike, NUMSA begins its strike.

UPDATE: Sunday World‘s Mangena drew an almost identical cartoon on the same day.

platinum belt, camel, economy

The straw that could break the camel’s back

How much longer will those legs stand?


Credit rating downgrade

South Africa’s credit rating has been downgraded, largely due to strikes in the mining sector.


Harmful strikes

With no agreement between the mine bosses and unions, a recession looms.


Budget deficit

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene is overcome by the government’s heavy budget deficit.


Low flying

With rising inflation, Gill Marcus is also in a bit of a hole.


Helping Eskom with ideas

Keep your good ideas to yourself.


Carbon emissions

Because this is how the government works. It emits waste.


The Tunnel

Here we go again.


Joburg wifi

My wifi prediction.


Eskom’s CEO

Eskom’s CEO isn’t the brightest of sparks.

Adcock Ingram CEO resigns

Adcock Ingram CEO resigns

From the business section of today’s Sunday Times, my cartoon revolves around a story that no one really cares about.

In a nutshell, Bidvest (Brian Joffe) won a long shareholder battle against Adcock Ingram (Jonathan Louw). As a result, Adcock’s CEO (Jonathan Louw) resigned.

Adcock Ingram makes drugs like Panado.

Gill Marcus interest rate

Gill Marcus is in a situation

Because it’s the truth.

Eskom business model

Buying electricity

Eskom’s business model is top notch.

Interest rates, inflation, Reserve Bank

Interest rate, inflation, and the status quo

In today’s Sunday Times business section, Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcus maintains the status quo.

Cowboys don't cry

Cowboys don’t cry

I was told this when I was a kid. Except that I wasn’t a cowboy.

Mountains, Google

Climbing mountains

In hindsight, this cartoon is a lot deeper than I expected. LOL.

Caveman and the wheel

Cavemen and breakthroughs

This cartoon is based on a true story.

Kind of.