Gupta, ANN7, minions

Grupta is despicable

The Department Of Home Affairs is investigating visa irregularities at  ANN7.  Basically,  minions Indians (from India) have been working at the station after telling the South African government that they are/were here on “holiday”.

Zuma's national key points

JZ’s national key points

Nkandla is, apparently, a national key point. The president has national key points everywhere.

Road Runner, etolls

Meep meep?

Another obstacle along the road…

Religious extremism

Religious extremism

Two men, outside Chicken Licken in Magaliesburg, didn’t like a Muslim guy’s beard, so they beat him to death.

Afrikaans Medium Decree 1974

Afrikaans Medium Decree Of 1974

This is what happens when the state forces pupils to learn a language not of their choosing. This is what happened when the state forced pupils to learn a language not of their choosing.

UPDATE: Check out my followup cartoon for EWN.

Father's Day

An incredible Father’s Day cartoon

This is not a message to fathers everywhere. It is a message to my father. (But you are welcome to borrow the message.)

Whitney Houston dead

Whitney Houston has died

My editor rejected this cartoon on the grounds that it is “too offensive”.

UPDATE: My editor published it three days later.

The Big Five, rhino, and China

Africa’s Big Five

At the rate at which rhinos are being poached, Africa’s Big Five will see its fifth member replaced.

UPDATE: During 2013 this cartoon made it to the final selection and then rejected from a European competition on the grounds that it is “racist”, despite it being published  (and republished) in South Africa without a single such accusation made by any reader or editor.

Lion King pollution

One day, son

You didn’t see this scene in The Lion King.

Maharaj and Zuma joking in a bar

A guy walks into a bar…

This cartoon is about the Protection Of State Information Bill.

Or maybe it isn’t.

I’m not really allowed to say. It’s a secret.

Prince Charles in South Africa

Prince Charles visits South Africa

This cartoon was initially rejected, for being “too offensive”, but then I managed to convince my editor to run it.

ANC Smurf League

The ANC Smurf League

The fun little blue people of the ANC Youth League.

Steve Biko versus Julius Malema

Steve Biko versus Juju

Steve Biko was killed, on 12 September 1977, by five members of the apartheid security forces.

Meanwhile, no one really cares about Julius Malema anymore.

Remembering September 11

10 years of reflection…

Can you believe that it happened ten years ago? It still seems surreal.



Would Che be turning in his grave?

Vote ANC for ancestors

Vote ANC

Your ancestors are dead. But if you vote ANC, then they will live a better life.

Dinosaurs farted

Dinosaurs made Earth warmer

It turns out that dinosaurs contributed to global warming. How, exactly? Well, dinosaurs farted a lot, scientists now believe.

And who am I to ignore a fart joke?

Toilet election

A kak voting situation

The toilet saga has made the election a bit crappy.